Armenia employs children as soldiers in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

Information of the Press Service Department of the MFA of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The recent videos widely spread on social media demonstrate that Armenia employs children as soldiers in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan.

It is almost three decades that hundred of thousands of children in the Republic of Azerbaijan suffer from the ongoing aggression of Armenia and its long-lasting effects. But as we are witnessing today Armenia not only continues to violate the rights of Azerbaijani children but does not hesitate to violate the rights of Armenian children as well.

By using children in the military operations Armenia violates the protection guaranteed for children by the IV Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilians and me Additional Protocol which provides that "children shall be the object of special respect and shall be protected against any form of indecent assault".

By such actions, Armenia vigorously violates the child rights enshrined in the UN Child Rights Convention, its Optional Protocol on the involvement of children in armed conflict, in particular Article 1 and Article 2.

While using children as combatants Armenia deprives the children of their fundamental rights, in particular the right to life and the right to protection, as children might become military targets as combatants.

Moreover, Armenia which presents itself as one of the "advocates” of the Safe Schools Declaration does not hesitate to use school buildings for military purposes, which is another demonstration of its failure to respect the protection of future generations.

We firmly condemn the violation of the rights of children by Armenia in blatant ignorance of international conventions and its commitments under international humanitarian law and call the related international organizations to thoroughly investigate these illegal practices and take necessary measures to stop the breach of rights of children by Armenia.

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