Consular issues

Citizens of Azerbaijan with regular, diplomatic and service passports do not need visa to travel to and stay in Serbia up to 90 days.


For a comprehensive information on custom rules please read the travelers information at the following link.

For importing dogs, cats and ferrets, the following conditions must be met:

  1. that pets have been permanently identified in prescribed way;
  2. that pets are accompanied by a certificate issued by the competent authority and a passport issued by the authorized veterinarian, confirming that the pet has been vaccinated or revaccinated against rabies by using registered inactivated vaccine containing minimum one antigen unit per dose (WHO standard) and preformed according to instruction of the vaccine manufacturer, in case of animal pet aged over three months.
  3. that the pet has undergone testing of blood serum for titer of specific neutralizing antibodies against rabies virus, with the threshold titer of at least 0,5 IU/ml , in laboratory authorized by the European Union. The testing must be done at least 30 days after the vaccination and three months before exportation, however, testing of the blood serum should not be repeated in case of animals which have been regularly re-vaccinated after the last titration in intervals as determined in the instruction of the vaccine manufacturer, and in case of re-entering of pets, the fact of blood serum testing is confirmed by passport.

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